Kart Advisor is an unique project. It’s the first multimedia platmorm totally dedicated to karting. Trought it our customers can use an on line premium show case to comunicate at 360° their own racing activities meanwhile all the fans will have at their disposal free updated contents. Kart Advisor is the best solution to promote the racing activity of frivers, team and promoters. A very skilled, multilanguanges and professional staff  will follow you giving the best option to satisfy your need and to acheieve your commitments trough a tailor made media programme.

Paolo Necchi (Kart Adivosr Editor): “Since the very beginning i’ve tought to Kart Advisor as an extensions of the previuos media activity made by my own company PRS Media. My target was to extend our market in the karting sector too after many years dedicated to motorsport and automotive. This year we have lauched the project and wel’ll invest a lot of money and time to help the karting driver, teams, and promoters to build a proper media strategy knowing how professional is became this sector. Many customers have already trusted in our project and now our next step is to become a landmark for karting."